About this website

A place to find out which of your favorite restaurants that use organic and local food are also using or not using GMOs. You can also learn about how to voice your opinion to your favorite restaurants to encourage them to stop putting GMOs in your food. 

Legal Disclaimer:  I am a concerned consumer that is committed to not eating GMOs to the best of my ability. I recently learned info about why GMOs are not safe to consume and I no longer feel comfortable consuming them.  I also naively assumed that the restaurants I eat at that use organic and local food sources were also not using GMOs. I came to find out that most of them were using GMOs. Because GMOs are not labeled in our country, I can not prove or disprove that any of the restaurants are in fact using or not using GMOs. I simply contacted each of the restaurants and asked specific questions on their ingredients. More than 90% of soy, corn, and canola oil are GMOs.  So if a restaurant said they are using some of these high risk ingredients/ non organic ingredients, then I consider them to be on the “likely to be using GMO” list. I am taking the restaurants at their word, and what they were using in July of 2011. I think if you are concerned, you should follow up with these restaurants and be sure this is accurate info, and please email us if you get new information. If you are a restaurant on this list and you have changed your ingredients that are most likely GMO, then please contact me immediately so I can update this information. 

I live in the San Francisco bay area, so I am concentrating my efforts here. If you know of restaurants that should be on this list, please contact me. I chose to focus only on restaurants that use organic and local food for three reasons.  1. Because if a restaurant is not advertising that they are using any organic ingredients, then they are almost guaranteed to be using GMOs. 2.  I believe that most of the restaurants that I am focusing on are the most likely to change out their GMO ingredients because they already have shown an interest and commitment in the organic and local food movement (but they will only do so if they hear from consumers that it is important to them and that consumers are willing to pay the additional costs for the luxury of not consuming GMOs.) 3. I believe there are other consumers out like me, who assumed they were not eating GMOs when they eat at restaurants who advertise that they use organic and locally sourced ingredients. This is not the case, and if other people are making these assumptions, I want them to know the truth and which restaurants are most likely using them and which are not. This is not meant to be a criticism of those restaurants, but rather the intention is to inform consumers, so they can make conscious choices about what they put into their bodies.