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  • Aly's on Main organic and non GMO restaurant in Redwood City.

    This is a beautifully designed restaurant you should check out in the south bay of San Francisco. The owners are VERY committed to organic and non GMO food. See below for more specifics on what they use. The space is designed in an eco friendly way as well. Please support this restaurant, they are going the extra mile on everything to make sure they use the cleanest and healthiest ingredients. 

    They use organic corn tortillas for the wild cod tacos.
    The only oils used are: Rice bran oil to fry our organic hand cut frie, Olive oil to sauté, Extra virgin olive oil to make dressings, Organic olive oil pan spray. 
    Organic tofu for our organic kale salad
    Organic sugar
    Organic honey
    Their chicken and turkey (for the burger) comes from Coastal Range Organics
    All beef and pork and lamb products come from Marin Sun Farms Green label 100% pastured and grass fed.
    Eggs are all organic pastured hen eggs from Alexander Kid farms.
    Dairy is from Strauss creamery and Clover Organics
    Produce is purchased from: Happy Boy Organic Farms, Fifth Crow Organic Farms, and Nunez Organic Farms
    Pastas are made from organic flour.
    They make their ketchup from all organic ingredients.
    Almost everything they use is organic about 80 to 90%, and they are not using any known GMOs. 
  • Super Duper Burgers is using GMO fed Niman Ranch Meat

    Super Duper Burger is using GMO fed meat provided by Niman Ranch.  So many people believe that Niman Ranch is 100% natural and grass fed and even organic, not TRUE!  Niman Ranch uses GMO feed to feed their cows and they do not disclose it on their website. You can see the facebook post below where they openly admit to this. I also have a couple of emails from Niman Ranch directly admitting that they are totally fine with their farmers using GMO feed, which totally contradicts what they have on their website and seems very dishonest to me.  I have a post about Niman Ranch using GMOs here and the info on their website. I went to Super Duper in the city and was told by the manager that their burgers are 100% grass fed, this is NOT TRUE, and I find this kind of misinformation and greenwashing really frustrating.  If you want to use regular "all natural" beef which is another way of saying GMO fed meat, then by all means do it, but you should not be saying your meat is grass fed in your advertising and your employees should understand the difference between grass fed, and just regular "all natural" meat, which again is not really "all natural" because the animals are eating GMOs, and GMOs are anything but natural. If you want to learn more about the "all natural" scam, you can read more about it in this article. Please Email Super Duper Burger and let them know you don't want to eat GMO fed meat. There are plenty of other meat producers that really are grass fed or organic and are not using GMO feed.  Super Duper Burger is using Strauss Organic ice cream for their shakes which I think is one of the best dairy companies out there, Strauss is Organic and Non GMO verified. The chicken on the Super Duper Burger menu I assume is GMO fed because every chicken producer that is not organic is now using GMO feed. I think they also fry the french fries in rice bran oil, not GMO canola oil, at least when I asked that is what I was told. I am not sure about the rest of the condiments and sauces and the GMO status of those, but I will email the company to find out and post results here.  Update two months later: Never heard back from the company on my questions.