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  • New Organic Restaurant in Marin County, The Plant -Mill Valley, CA

    I am so thrilled that Plant Organic Cafe has opened up in Mill Valley. Marin County really didn't technically have a fully organic restaurant now that Cafe Gratitude closed in San Rafael this year. All of that has changed. The Plant Cafe is here and it's the real deal, they do not serve GMOs and almost everything is organic. There are a few non organic items which are listed on the menu, also some of their snack bags and bars by the counter are not organic and their gluten free bread is not organic. This is my favorite organic restaurant to eat at in San Francisco, so excited that they have finally come to Mill Valley/Marin County.  We really needed this! If you want to eat out at a restaurant and be sure you are getting pure, clean, local, organic, real GMO free food, this is THE place to go.  They serve organic meat and vegan/vegetarian food with gluten free options as well. There is something for everyone. 

    The nearly all organic restaurant menu items range from grains and pastas, house-made pastries and desserts, and soups, salads, sandwiches and more. almost everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. It also features fresh squeezed juice bar and smoothies, and special cleansing packages. Many items are seasonal, and almost everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. They also have free range certified organic poultry and sustainable seafood. They get most of their produce from the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market. 

    They just opened and don't yet have much info on the Plant Organic website.  The location is Suite 801 at 800 Redwood Highway in Strawberry Village in Mill Valley.