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  • Wood Four Brewing in Sebastopol

    Wood Four Brewery at the Barlow in Sebastopol is doing it right!

    Wood Four at the Barlow is one of my new favorite restaurants in Sebastopol. The chef Tom Adamian is committed to sourcing ingredients that organic and sustainable and is creating some amazing delicious food on the menu. The brussel sprouts and fermented vegetables are my favorite dishes I have tried so far, but everything I have had there has been outstanding. It is wonderful to have another fabulous restaurant in West Sonoma County that is Non GMO and committed to local organic and humanely raised food. 

    Let's not forget this is a brewery too, they are focused on brewing the finest farmhouse style beers.   Woodfour specializes in brewing saisons, sours and barrel aged beers with a strong awareness of terroir.  Woodfour's master brewer, Seth Wood, has an extensive background in wine making and fermentation having studied fermentation science at CSU, Fresno.  Seth draws heavily on his background as he creates yeast driven beers inspired by the timeless traditions of European farmhouse brewers.

    They have an outdoor patio as well as a dining room and bar inside. It's a wonderful place to have a relaxing dinner. See more details on their sourcing below. 

    They use rice bran oil in the fryer. They use Tiger EVOO 100% Olive oil for all cooking and dressings. They get their pork from Walnut Keep Pigs which are pastured raised, humanely raised and no GMO feed, they actually eat walnuts. They use Oakridge Angus Beef which is grass fed and Non GMO grain finished. They use organic Giaum eggs. They currently use Petaluma Poultry chicken which is not organic, but is non gmo verified. Seafood is from 2 by Sea who are the leading responsible, sustainable seafood purveyors on the west coast. They use mostly organic and local produce such as Red H Farm, Singing Frogs Farm, and Paul's Produce to name a few. Dairy is from Tomales Bay and Straus Dairy. Straus is organic and non GMO certified. The milk, cream, and sugar are not currently organic, but this may change soon. Avoid: Milk, Cream and Sugar to avoid GMOs here. 

  • Aly's on Main organic and non GMO restaurant in Redwood City.

    This is a beautifully designed restaurant you should check out in the south bay of San Francisco. The owners are VERY committed to organic and non GMO food. See below for more specifics on what they use. The space is designed in an eco friendly way as well. Please support this restaurant, they are going the extra mile on everything to make sure they use the cleanest and healthiest ingredients. 

    They use organic corn tortillas for the wild cod tacos.
    The only oils used are: Rice bran oil to fry our organic hand cut frie, Olive oil to sauté, Extra virgin olive oil to make dressings, Organic olive oil pan spray. 
    Organic tofu for our organic kale salad
    Organic sugar
    Organic honey
    Their chicken and turkey (for the burger) comes from Coastal Range Organics
    All beef and pork and lamb products come from Marin Sun Farms Green label 100% pastured and grass fed.
    Eggs are all organic pastured hen eggs from Alexander Kid farms.
    Dairy is from Strauss creamery and Clover Organics
    Produce is purchased from: Happy Boy Organic Farms, Fifth Crow Organic Farms, and Nunez Organic Farms
    Pastas are made from organic flour.
    They make their ketchup from all organic ingredients.
    Almost everything they use is organic about 80 to 90%, and they are not using any known GMOs. 
  • Haggo's Organic Non GMO Restaurant in San Diego

    Haggo's Organic Non GMO Restaurant in San Diego

    Amazing Organic Restaurant in San Diego - Haggo's Organic Taco

    We are so excited to have found another organic and 100% GMO free restaurant in San Diego. Hagoo's Organic Taco in Encinitas. This is our new favorite place to eat in San Diego. Adorable little quirky place on the coast, the food is absolutley delicious!  95% to 98% certified organic and 100% Non GMO.  The owner is super knowledgable about food and his sources and he investigates them thoroughly to avoid all GMOs. It is so inspiring to meet someone who is so passionate and cares so much about food and what he serves his customers. Meeting Haggo made our trip and gave us hope that some people really do care about the food they serve. Thank you for inspiring us Haggo, you have serious food integrity and we really appreciate it!  They use certified organic Mary's Chicken, and 100% grass fed beef from Grateful Harvest.  They have options for both vegetarians and meat eaters.  Almost all produce is certifeid organic except for limes. Uses organic saflower oil for cooking. Buys produce from Alberts Organics and Coral Tree Organic Farm, also has a small organic garden on property. All plates and forks are made with plant based non GMO materials. This place is the real deal!  They are only open for lunch right now 11 to 3, closed Mondays.