Paso Robles, CA

Nature's Touch - Templeton, CA (10 Mins from Paso Robles)  This is an all organic market store and deli. The owner is VERY conscious of GMOs and sourcing things including the meat organically. They have a wonderful in store deli that cooks up the most amazing homemade food like sandwiches (including on gluten free bread), gluten free pizza, lots of salads, and wonderful organic deli meat. The owner is so sweet and the food is absolutely delicious.  We highly reccomend this place, they are doing it right! 

Artisan Paso Robles - This looks like one of the best option in Paso Robles for clean food, although I have not confirmed specifics with them yet.  Their meat is antibiotic free, but probably fed GMOs.  They do have an organic farm where they source many of their ingredients from.  

Thomas Hill Organics  - Paso Robles / Central Coast, CA - These guys say they are orgnaic, but I have been here a number of times and they always seem to have non organic things and are sketchy in their responses to my questions. The meat never seems to be organic or grass fed even though they tell you it is, when you do research into the farms they say they are using, I can't verify any of it.  I have also received other info that this place is not using much organics at all.  That doesn't seem right to me that they are using that in their advertising.  I was here recently and they had pink horrible antibacterial soap in the bathrooms and those chemical air freshners in the dining room that gave me a headache. Seeing a restaurant who claims they are using organic ingredients who then has all the chemcials in the bathrooms always makes me very suspicious about their level of commitment. The staff is not educated on what is organic and what isn't as well. Honestly, it doesn't seem like much is organic even though that word is in their name. 

Villa Creek Restaurant - Paso Robles - This place says they use some organics, but when pressed, it doesn't seem like they are totally committed to it.