East Bay / Berkeley

These East Bay/Berkeley Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Cafe Gratitude - Berkeley - Organic-Raw and Cooked - Vegan- These guys are hardcore organic and are very careful about screening for GMOs and do not serve any.  If you want to very strictly avoid GMOs and eat only organic, this is a good place to eat. This restaurant is vegan, gluten free and serves cooked and raw food. Amazing smoothies too. 

Gather - Berkely - Mostly Organic and mostly local. They have lots of meat options and vegetarian options.  Love this restaurant. So delicious.  They use prather ranch grass fed beef. Here is a list of their farms and sources for where they get their food. 

Chez Panisse - Berkely - I have contacted them a number of times, but have not heard back on details, but I know this place is very clean. I eat here regulary and they are very conscious about using organics and not using GMOs, but ask specific questions if you go. 

The Organic Coup - Pleasanton, CA - Organic Fast Food. They use Mary's Organic Chicken

Mission Heirloom Cafe - Berkeley, CA - Organic grass fed meat and bone broth, local produce and dairy, 100% organic and Non GMO ingredients. This place is as clean as it gets when it comes to ingerdients. 

Organic Non GMO Meal Delivery Services Bay Area

Easy Peasy Paleo - The owner is very knowledgable about food and doesn't use any GMO ingredients or GMO fed meat. Produce and meat is all organic and/ or 100% pasture/ grass fed. 

Nutrition To You - Customized organic meals delivered to your door once or twice a week.  The owner uses all organic produce and meat. 

Good Eggs - Amazing local farm to table free delivery service.  They have lots of great produce and prepared meal options as well as dairy and meat as well. Everything is local, but you need to be careful when ordering as there is a lot of organic items, but they also carry GMO items as well. Be sure to seek out the certified organic options.  The produce is always extremely fresh and lasts along time and is straight from the farmers. It's like having the farmers market delivered to your door!  Avoid: in prepared food section, avoid anything that is not organic, they have quite a bit of GMO fed meat and dairy, but there are enough organic options to make this a great service. Ask the vendors about GMO ingredients.