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These Los Angeles Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Cafe Gratitude - Los Angeles - West Hollywood & Vencie Beach -Organic-Raw and Cooked - Vegan- These guys are hardcore organic and are very careful about screening for GMOs and do not serve any.  If you want to very strictly avoid GMOs and eat only organic, this is a good place to eat. This restaurant is vegan, gluten free and serves cooked and raw food. Amazing smoothies too. 

Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher - Downtown LA & also a Santa Monica Location as well - This place has their own ranch where they raise all their own animals for meat. This is the best organic non gmo humanly raised meat you can get. They raise all the beef, pork, chicken, fowl all on property near Mt. Shasta and all of it is certified organic. They also created their own processing plant that is done in Temple Grandin's method to make it the most humane process possible. Most of the ingredients in the restaurant are organic as well down to the their own homemade organic ketchup. They are mindful of GMO ingredients and said they do avoid them. 

Gracias Madre - Los Angeles - West Hollywood.  - Delicious organic, GMO free, gluten free, Mexican Food.  

Life Food Organic - Hollywood / Santa Monica - 100% organic and Non GMO and Raw Vegan. 

Erewhon Market and Cafe - Los Angeles - They use only organic produce in the cafe, juice bar, and produce department. All of their chicken is organic and the beef is always grass fed. They do not use any canola or soy oil. Their oils are primarily organic olive oil, grape seed oil, and a little bit of rice bran oil.  Salad bar is at least 95% organci all the time.  

Sun Cafe - Studio City - LA - Organic, Raw, and Vegan - Everything is organic.  Gluten free options. Mostly Raw, but some cooked items, smoothies and juices as well. 

O'Burger - Los Angeles - West Hollywood  - Fast food burger joint, everything is organic and grass fed beef burgers. They also have organic turkey burgers.  Their website says 100% organic. 

Real Food Daily - Santa Monica - Organic - Vegan -Large menu and many gluten free options as well. 

Planet Raw (Juliano’s) - Santa Monica - Organic - Vegan - Raw -Gluten Free - Everything is certified organic. 

Eurphoria loves Rawvolution - Santa Monica - All Organic and 100% Raw 

Flore Vegan - LA - Silverlake - Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free options. Large menu with a lot of variety, cooked food options. They also have pizzas and veggie burgers as well. All their soy is certified organic. Most of the food here is organic. 

Clean Dinners - A weekly underground pop up restaurant in LA - Organic, Non GMO, and Gluten and Soy Free. Vegan. 

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro - Los Angeles - Echo Park - Organic, Vegan. Very aware of GMOs and don't serve any. Overall about 90% organic. They never use non organic oils, soy or corn. They use mostly olive oil, but they do use canola oil in their fryer that is not organic, so avoid anything fried here if you want to avoid GMOs. 

Venice - Los Angeles 

Kreation Kafe and Juicery -Venice- Organic Eggs, Organic Juice, and Organic chicken. The beef is from Niman Ranch which is GMO fed, so avoid the beef when eating here. 

Moonjuice - Venice -All organic juice and milks. 

Cafe Gratitude - Venice - 100% organic, vegan. 

These Los Angeles Restaurants may be serving SOME GMOs, but there are some Non GMO options as well or are mostly Non GMO. 

Farm Stand Restaurant - El Segundo - Los Angeles - This restaurant is doing so many things right and are mostly Non GMO and organic. They are very consciouse of the GMO issue and are working hard to replace all the items that could potentially be GMO. They use Mary's non GMO certified chicken. 100% grass fed lamb from New Zealand and Austrailia. They are working on finding a non GMO fed beef source at the moment. 

They use Mary's Eggs, not sure if they are organic or just their free range line.  Mary's is going through a lot of transitions with their GMO and Organic feed and are still working out the kinks. They use non GMO verified Canola Oil and Olive Oil.  They use Peanut Oil in the fryer and organic cooking spray. They do not use any non organic corn products.  They use pure cane sugar which is non gmo. 

Farmshop Santa Monica  - They do not use any cooking spray, canola oil or any other hydrogenated oils. They cook in olive oil, and sometimes strauss butter when needed. They use non gmo rice brain oil in the fryer. Right now their beef is from Five Dot Ranch, which appears to be antibiotic free, but not GMO free or 100% grass fed, looks like grass fed and grain finished. I am waiting for a response from Five Dot. Eggs are often from Mike and Sons in Ontario California, but again these are not certified organic, so could be GMO fed eggs. Not everything is organic or non GMO, but they do use all local Purveyors and have this posted on their website which I really appreciate. This empowers customers to do their own research into each farm. They do not use any major restaurant distributors and get everything from small artisan Purveyors. Their statement to me when asking about specific ingredients is as follows "We strive to support all of these things in our sourcing and usage, but not everything we use falls into these categories. Sometimes it’s a matter of cost of certification on the part of smaller producers, while others just haven’t completed the requirements (which may take several years for some). Sometimes for us it’s a matter of availability, but behind every choice the end goal is giving every guest the most enjoyable service and flavorful bites and sips as we can deliver in a welcoming comfortable environment."  I encourage customers to ask for specific questions when eating there about where meat or dairy is from, then you can look up the farm to see if they are organic or not, or even email the farm to see if they use GMO feed. 

True Food Kitchen- Santa Monica & Newport Beach - They use super high quality 100% grass fed and finished / pasture raised beef from Estancia Beef, I have researched this beef ranch and they are the real deal, no GMOs, and even a step above organic. True Food Kitchen has recently eliminated all GMO Canola oil and have replaced it with Grapeseed Oil.  They use organic Tofu and soy milk. They use a lot of organic produce and adhere to the dirty dozen pesticide list put out by EWG, and produce on that list will always be organic. All of their greens are organic. All butter, eggs, milk, half and half, ricotta and yogurt is organic. Greek yogurt is not organic. Some of their produce is not organic. Soy sauce is not organic, but tamari is organic. You can ask that your dish not be made with regular soy sauce to avoid GMOs. Chicken and turkey is NOT organic and is GMO fed. Regular cheese is not organic. Corn tortillas are not organic. Although this restaurant is not 100% organic, this is a great option and it is one of the places I have found that you can get true 100% grass fed and pasture raised beef, (but the corn tortillas are not organic, so get the tacos as lettuce wraps instead) I had an inspiring talk with the head chef who is an amazing guy, this company is really trying to do the right thing.  To avoid GMOs here do not get the Chicken, Turkey, Corn Tortillas or Soy sauce, Edamame, and Cheese.  (Tamari is ok.)

Le Pain Quotidien -This is a great Non GMO option for dining. Beautiful quaint cafes with a European feel with simple and delicious clean food. One of my favorite places to eat in LA. They have many locations throughout LA. The following items are certified organic: eggs, bread, tofu, yogurt, granola, oatmeal, cheddar cheese, sugar, flour, quinoa, beans, olive oil and mesclun. If it doesn't say organic on the menu than that item is not organic. Their chicken and turkey are "all natural", which almost always means GMO fed. The Gruyere and aged Crottin, and Ricotta are not orgaic. They do not use canola oil. Avoid: Chicken, Turkey, Canola oil, and cheese here to avoid GMOs. 

Burger Lounge -Various Locations around Los Angeles- They have some really good non GMO options here. Their beef is 100% grass fed pasture raised no grain from Rain Crow Ranch. Their turkey and chicken is "all natural" which means it is fed GMOs. They fry in non gmo peanut oil, The following items are organic:  Spinach, brown rice, quinoa, buns, tomatoes in salad, arugula, zucchini, american cheese, cheddar cheese.  Avoid: turkey, chicken, and sodas to avoid GMOs at this restaurant. 

Hugo Restaurant - LA - Studio City, West Hollywood, Agoura - They do not use any GMO oils, and they have consicously made a choice to try to avoid GMOs in most of the food they serve. They have changed a lot of their products in order to eliminate the GMOs. They use a Non GMO Canola oili from Whole Harvest, and a non organic Olive oil. Their soy milk and tofu are both organic. Their tamari is gluten free and organic. They also use Bragg's Aminos which are not organic but are non gmo. They use organic cane sugar and no regular sugar. Their eggs are orgnic, the dairy is not organic. Their grains and beans are mostly organic.  Some of their food is organic and some is not. They estimate that about 20% of the food is organic. A lot of the produce is not organic depending on the weekly prices they can get. They strive to not serve GMOs and to make healthy food at an affordable price, so going organic does not fit for them to keep their prices affordable. They use "all natural/antibiotic free" beef, chicken and turkey, which is fed GMO grain. They occasionally have a grass fed beef special.  Avoid: All meat, dairy, zucchini and crookneck squash at this restaurant if you want to avoid GMOs. 

Not sure about these below, still researching, but could be possibilities. I have contacted all of them and am waiting to hear back on specifics. 

These restaurants below may serve GMOs, I am still investigating. I will update as I am able, but for now, this is a good place to start and ask about specific ingredients if you go.  

Salts Cure - Local CA meats sustainable/ organic. 

Gjusta - Venice - Farm to Table 

Gjelina - Venice - Farm to Tabel 

Four Cafe - Eagle Rock - Los Angeles - Waiting to hear back on specifics from this restaurant, but their menu says they offer organic free range chicken and grass fed steak, not sure about the eggs, produce or other menu items. 

Elf Cafe - Los Angeles - Really interesting menu.  Vegetarian.  They use non gmo grapeseed oil as main cooking oil, they use a little bit of certified organic Canola oil.  They use a lot of organic and local produce.  Waiting to hear back on specific questions on other ingredients. 

Golden Mean Cafe - Santa Monica - They try to be conscious of their ingredients.  They do use Canola oil but are told from their distributor it is Non GMO. They use soy sausage and tofu and I am trying to find out if those are certified organic, would assume they are not unless you confirm. Most of the dishes are vegetable based adn they said about 85% are organic. They also use Tamari, not sure if it is gluten free and/ or organic, waiting to hear back. 

Leaf Organics Vegan Cafe - Venice - Raw and Cooked Vegan Food - 

Short Order - Los Angeles - I am waiting to hear on specific ingredients, but they do serve Stemple Creek 100% grass fed beef, which is the best in my opinion. 

Real Raw Live - LA - Hollywood - Organic and Raw Juice and Smoothie Bar. 

Shojin - Downtown LA - Vegan Japanese and Macrobiotic - 

Green Leaf Chop Shop - Beverly Hills - 

Bloom Cafe - Los Angeles - Someone told me they have some organic food and maybe grass fed beef, but I am skeptical because there is no mention of organics or grass fed on their website at all. Now the eggs say organic on the website. 

Inn of the Seventh Ray - Los Angeles- Topanga - Serve meat, the meat on the menu appears to be "all natural" which means GMO fed. Waiting on more details.  Their website doesn't say much about organics, so I doubt they have a lot of non gmo organic food. 

Salt's Cure - Santa Monica - Los Angeles - Waiting to here back on specific ingredients, but they do serve Stemple Creek 100% grass fed beef, which is the best in my opinion.  

Feed - Body and Soul - Abbott Kinney - Written several times, but have not heard back. 

These Los Angeles "farm to table/sustainable" restaurants are using GMO suspected ingredients and are the MOST likely to be serving some GMOs. You are still probably better off eating at these than most restaurants, but maybe not the place to go if you want to strictly avoid GMOs. 

Lyfe Kitchen - Culver City- I have sent numerous emails and follow up emails to Lyfe Kitchen over the last six months and they won't answer any questions about their food, so I assume they are using GMOs. Their chicken is "all natural, but not organic" which means GMO fed. They do have 100% grass fed burger, which is great. From looking at their menu, there are only a few organic items on the menu and the rest looks like it is not organic.  I would not feel comfortable eating here since they won't disclose what is organic or potentially GMO and there are so few organic items on the menu. 

Paul Martin American Bistro - Los Angeles - El Segundo - They use regular GMO commerical Canola oil in fryers. They use olive oil for other cooking. They do not use tofu or soy but do have some organic tamari.  Their sugar is not organic and most likely GMO. They also use non organic corn.  All of their meat is "natural-antibiotic-free" which means they eat GMOs.  They do use some organic produce and a lot of local purveyors, but I find it hard to figure out how to eat a GMO free meal here.  

Tender Greens -  Various location in LA - They do use a lot of local produce, some is organic and some is not.  They use Canola oil, but they said it is non GMO. They use olive oil as well. My concern here is the grain fed/ hormone free/ antibiotic free eggs, chicken, and beef.  Which is all fed GMO commercial grain. Their salads really are so fresh and outstanding, so you could find some non GMO meals here if you need to.  Avoid: All meat, chicken, eggs, cheese at this restaurant if you want to avoid GMOs.  

Blue Cow Kitchen - Los Angeles- They use a ton of local purveyors. They use some organic and some not organic produce.  However their meat is not organic and they use Mary's Chicken and Duck "free range" line not the "organic line", the free range chickens/ducks eat commercial GMO feed. They also serve non Organic commercial fed Jidori Chicken.  If you are interested in supporting local farms this is a great place to go, but not sure how much you can avoid GMOs here.  Not sure what oils they use.  

Lucky Devil's - LA - Hollywood - Says they are organic and local on the website, and mention 100% grass fed beef, but then on the menu, it mentions snake river farms whichs uses commercial corn as feed. The menu also mentions vegetarian fed black angus beef which almost always means GMO fed.  The chicken does not appear to be organic and only saw a couple of organic items on menu. I wrote to them and am waiting to hear back. 

La Sirena Grill - El Segundo, Laguna Beach, South Laguna, Irvine - This restaurant advertises itself as sustainable. The first time I went there the manager told me everything was organic, not true.  When I asked again on another visit, was told some things are organic and some things are not, and that the meat is "all natural"  which means GMO fed. The most recent time I asked, I was told that their beef is 100% grass fed from Estancia Beef, this is a great company and indeed is 100% grass fed.  They use a non organic GMO soy salad oil and a non GMO Canola oil from Whole Harvest for a frying oil. They use non organic soy suace as a marinade, as well as non organic possibly GMO ingredients zucchini, sugar, papaya and corn.  Their corn tortillas are also not organic and could have GMOs in them. They use organic eggs from Chino Valley. Their menu is not at all clear on what is organic and what isn't, and I suspect that this is one of those restaurants that uses the "organic whenever possible" line when not much is organic.  It does say organic beans and rice on the menu as well as salad greens, but that is about it.  In a pinch, you may be able to go here and get the Grass fed beef, rice and beans, and skip all the corn products.  

Veggie Grill - Various locations around LA - Most of their soy veggie proteins are not organic and contain GMO soy and canola oil.  The exception to this is the tempeh, their website says it is organic. I am not sure about the rest of the ingredients, have sent them an email, will post info when I hear back.