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Marin County Restaurants

These Marin County Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Good Earth Natural Foods, Hot food bar and salad bar - Fairfax - Our favorite health food store on earth! They have an all organic wok station with Asian stir fry, Mexican Food, Pizza Bar with wheat free Pizza, Vegetarian hot food bar, Salad bar, organic juice and smoothie bar, and an organic ice cream station. They serve 100% grass fed beef, organic chicken and wild fish at all the stations.  Everything is clearly marked on what is organic which is just about everything.  This is the only deli case I have ever seen serving certified organic turkey on their sandwiches. This place is the real deal, they never cut corners and are as pure as it gets. They have also tirelessly supported the organic and Non GMO movement as well as the Non GMO project. They carry a lot of non GMO project verified products in the grocery part of the store. 100% of their produce is certified organic and they also post signs next to each vegetable to show how far away it was grown and from what farm.  I love that!

Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher - Larkspur - This place has their own ranch where they raise all their own animals for meat. This is the best organic non gmo humanly raised meat you can get. They raise all the beef, pork, chicken, fowl all on property near Mt. Shasta and all of it is certified organic. They also created their own processing plant that is done in Temple Grandin's method to make it the most humane process possible. Most of the ingredients in the restaurant are organic as well down to the their own homemade organic ketchup. They are mindful of GMO ingredients and said they do avoid them. Not everything is organic though, so ask for details when you visit. 

Lotus Cuisine of India Restaurant - San Rafael, CA-  The owner has become very passionate about organics and Non GMOs. They are now using organic ghee to cook in and non gmo verified canola oil. The paneer cheese is homemade and organic. Most spices are organic and about 75% of produce is organic. The zucchini and crookneck squash is organic, honey is organic. Eggs and dairy are from Clover Organic. They get most of their produce from West Coast Produce in Oakland, and some of the lunch buffet items from the local Farmers Market.  They do serve regular antibiotic free "natural" chciken which is fed GMOs, but the good news is that you can upgrade to certified organic chicken from Coleman for an extra fee. (Well worth it) They have so many gluten free options and they make their own gluten free non GMO bread. So delicious!  Most healthy and best Indian food in Marin, and in the entire bay area in my opinion.  They are working more and more towards making everything totally non gmo and more organic. They also have a really great selection of gluten free beers, and organic and sustainable wines as well.  To avoid GMOs here:  Avoid anything with sugar in it (chutneys, lassi, desserts, etc)  and the regular chicken, ask for the organic chicken instead of the GMO fed regular chicken. 

Cafe Lotus - Fairfax - The owner has become very passionate about organics and Non GMOs. They are now using organic ghee to cook in and non gmo verified canola oil. The paneer cheese is homemade and organic. Most spices are organic and about 75% of produce is organic. The zucchini and crookneck squash is organic, honey is organic. Eggs and dairy are from Clover Organic. They get most of their produce from West Coast Produce in Oakland, and some of the lunch buffet items from the local Farmers Market.  They do serve regular antibiotic free "natural" chciken which is fed GMOs, but the good news is that you can upgrade to certified organic chicken from Coleman for an extra fee. (Well worth it) They have so many gluten free options and they make their own gluten free non GMO bread. So delicious!  Most healthy and best Indian food in Marin, and in the entire bay area in my opinion.  They are working more and more towards making everything totally non gmo and more organic. They also have a really great selection of gluten free beers, and organic and sustainable wines as well.  To avoid GMOs here:  Avoid anything with sugar in it (chutneys, lassi, desserts, etc)  and the regular chicken, ask for the organic chicken instead of the GMO fed regular chicken. 

Servino Restaurant- Tiburon - This has become one of my favorite restaurants in Marin. Wonderful Italian restaurant in Tiburon that has a serious commitment to local and organic food. They use Organic Olive oils as main cooking oil, often from McEvoy Ranch.  They do not use any canola, vegetable oil, or soy products. They use non gmo rice oil in the fryer. All dairy products are organic and come from Clover Farms and Saint Benoit Creamery.  They have a variety of cheese, mostly from Cow Girl Creamery. Their meat is from Golden Gate Meat Company, that distributes organic and local meat. Servino's favorite is local grass fed beef from Stemple Creek Ranch in Tamales.They have an entire gluten free menu, their gluten free pasta is homemade in house and is to die for. They have gluten free pizza and bread options from Mariposa (no gmo ingredients). Their seafood is safe harbor sustainable certified. They use Royal Hawaiian and Monterey Fish Company for fish. They are also a bay area green certified business and use green cleaning products and recycled products throughout their business. 

The Plant Cafe Organic -Mill Valley- I am so thrilled that Plant Organic Cafe has opened up in Mill Valley. This is one of my favorite restaurants and their menu is almost all organic and Non GMO.  Their goat cheese and gluten free bread are not organic. Non organic items are listed on the menu. Items range from grains and pastas, house-made pastries and desserts, and soups, salads, sandwiches and more. It also features raw juices and smoothies, and special cleansing packages. Many items are seasonal, and almost everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. They also have free range certified organic poultry and sustainable seafood. There is something for everyone here. They get much of their produce from the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market. 

Frantoio - Mill Valley, CA - Lovely Italian restaurant, they make their own organic olive oil.  The Italian chef, Duilio Valenti has been committed to sourcing produce from local farmers since 1995. Steak is 100% pasture/grass fed from the wonderful local BN ranch which is some of the highest quality meat in the bay area. Poultry is from Rocky's in Petaluma, I am waiting confirmation on if this is organic or not. All pastas are made in house with organic non gmo flour. More than half o the menu is gluten free and is listed on the menu. They also have organic gluten free pastas available with organic non gmo corn pasta made in Italy by Rustichella D'Abruzzo. I had the gluten free pasta recently and it was outstanding. All pastries and gelatos are made in house with organic sugar.  All fish is safe harbor certified and they do serve wild caught, but also some farm raised, so ask if you want wild caught. Polenta is made in Italy and they are researching if it is non gmo or not. Avoid: Polenta until confirmed to avoid GMOs. 

Radiance Cuisine - San Rafael - Delicious, organic, simple Indian food in San Rafael. This is a small cafe inside the Open Secret bookstore. They are not using any GMO ingredients. Super sweet owners. 

123 Bolinas - Fairfax, CA - Adorable wine bar/ cafe, small but absolutely delicious menu, they also have organic wine and beer options as well. 

Rustic Bakery- Two locations in Larkspur & one in Novato -Organic artisan pastries, delicious homemade soups, sandwiches and fresh salads. They are not 100% organic, but they look like they are close to it, and I didn't see any areas of concern for GMOs.  Following items are certified organic: Chicken, lettuce, fruit and vegetables, milk, butter, cream, olive oil, flour, sugar, oats, yogurt, eggs, pecans, tomatoes, olives, coffee, some cheese from cowgirl creamery. Here is a list of Purveyors they use: Organic chicken from Petaluma poultry, Organic lettuce from College of Marin, County line & Greenleaf, Organic fruit & vegetables from Greenleaf, Organic milk from St. Benoit, Organic butter from Straus and Petaluma creamery, Organic milk, cream & 1/2 & 1/2 from Straus, Organic olive oil from Enzo, Organic flour and sugar from Central Milling, Organic Oats from Central milling, Organic yogurt from Straus, Organic eggs from Glaum Farms, Organic pecans from Del Valley, Organic stone fruit from Frog Hollow, Organic tomatoes from the tomato goddess, Organic olives from Davina, Organic cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, Organic coffee from Stumptown

Table Cafe - Larkspur, CA - This is a lovely restaurant in larkspur that serves simple california cuisine mixed with dosas.  They make their own fresh dosas.  Almost everything is organic and the owner buys produce from local farmers markets. They use rice oil and no gmos.  Chicken and meat is certified organic. I did recently notice that they are using GMO fed Niman Ranch meat, so be careful and make sure you avoid this when going here. Avoid: Niman Ranch meat to avoid GMOs here. 

Fish Restaurant - Sausalito, CA - Great place in Sausalito to get fresh fish. They said they do not use any GMO ingredients. They do use canola oil in the fryer, but it is certified organic. Sustainable seafood and lots of organic and local ingredients. Update: Sept 2016: Was informed from a customer that they asked about the Canola oil in the fryer and were told it is not organic so therefore it is GMO. So be sure to ask when you go about this and send me an update if you get one. 

Urban Remedy- Locations in San Rafael and Mill Valley - Organic and cold pressed juice and smoothies, and snacks. This is not a sit down restaurant, but more of a to go storefront.  They also offer 100% organic juice cleansing packages. They do sometimes have to go salads as well. 

Organic Non GMO Meal Delivery Services Bay Area

Easy Peasy Paleo - The owner is very knowledgable about food and doesn't use any GMO ingredients or GMO fed meat. Produce and meat is all organic and/ or 100% pasture/ grass fed. 

Nutrition To You - Customized organic meals delivered to your door once or twice a week.  The owner uses all organic produce and meat. 

Good Eggs - Amazing local farm to table free delivery service.  They have lots of great produce and prepared meal options as well as dairy and meat as well. Everything is local, but you need to be careful when ordering as there is a lot of organic items, but they also carry GMO items as well. Be sure to seek out the certified organic options.  The produce is always extremely fresh and lasts along time and is straight from the farmers. It's like having the farmers market delivered to your door!  Avoid: in prepared food section, avoid anything that is not organic, they have quite a bit of GMO fed meat and dairy, but there are enough organic options to make this a great service. Ask the vendors about GMO ingredients. 


These Marin County restaurants might be serving some GMO ingredients, but have some non GMO options as well. 

If you want these restaurants below to go MORE organic and Non GMO, then voice your concerns and let them know you are willing to pay higher prices to eat organic and Non GMO food.  It costs a lot more for restaurants to be organic, so as consumers we need to be willing to pay more for it. If you want more organics and are willing to pay more for it, then please make your voice heard. 

Barrell House Tavern - Sausalito, CA - They use non GMO rice bran oil in fryer, about 75% of their food is organic, and all their meat is sustainable or locally sourced, but ask for specifics about each meat and where it comes from.  This is a good option in Sauslito. 

Farmshop Marin - Larkspur - They do not use any cooking spray, canola oil or any other hydrogenated oils. They cook in olive oil, and sometimes strauss butter when needed. They use non gmo rice brain oil in the fryer. Right now their beef is from Five Dot Ranch, which appears to be antibiotic free, but not GMO free or 100% grass fed, looks like grass fed and grain finished. I am waiting for a response from Five Dot. Eggs are often from Mike and Sons in Ontario California, but again these are not certified organic, so could be GMO fed eggs. Not everything is organic or non GMO, but they do use all local Purveyors and have this posted on their website which I really appreciate. This empowers customers to do their own research into each farm. They do not use any major restaurant distributors and get everything from small artisan Purveyors. Their statement to me when asking about specific ingredients is as follows "We strive to support all of these things in our sourcing and usage, but not everything we use falls into these categories. Sometimes it’s a matter of cost of certification on the part of smaller producers, while others just haven’t completed the requirements (which may take several years for some). Sometimes for us it’s a matter of availability, but behind every choice the end goal is giving every guest the most enjoyable service and flavorful bites and sips as we can deliver in a welcoming comfortable environment."  I encourage customers to ask for specific questions when eating there about where meat or dairy is from, then you can look up the farm to see if they are organic or not, or even email the farm to see if they use GMO feed. Many local purveyors in the area use GMO feed. Update: I was there recently and they had various steaks on the menu, one for $98 for two, and one for $48, both were GMO fed meat and not 100% grass fed, and from Niman Ranch. I really don't mind paying high prices for the best meat, but I am sorry these prices are ridiculous for GMO fed meat. Unacceptable. Please encourage them to use cleaner products when you go there. I wouldn't mind paying those prices for true grass fed humanely raised meat like Stemple Creek, Mindful Meats, or BN Ranch, but not for GMO fed Niman Ranch meat. 

Copita Tequileria - Sausalito, CA - 100% gluten free menu, they use some good locally sourced ingredients, and they cook in rice bran oil, but also use Niman Ranch GMO fed meat, and not sure about their corn products, I don't think they are organic. 

The Grass Shack - Tiburon, CA  Burger, Fries and ice cream.  They use all natural meat from Five Dot Ranch for burgers, I am not sure what Five Dot Ranch's stance on GMOs is, I know the meat is some pasture, and some grain, and it doesn't say anything about being non GMO on their site, Tillamook cheese which uses GMO feed and GMO additives for their cows. They fry in non gmo rice bran oil. Their ice cream is organic and non GMO. About 50% of overall ingredients are organic. They have gluten free bun options and regular options as well. 

Shoreline Coffee Shop -Mill Valley, California.  This is a small diner serving breakfast and lunch with mexican flare. The more recent owner is slowly converting things to be organic but still trying to please their previous customers, so they are in transition. They get meat from golden gate meat company and most meat is organic or 100% grass fed, except for the pork (waiting to hear back on the where the pork is from). I wasn't able to confirm where they get their chicken from, waiting to hear back from them. Beef is from Marin Sun Farms. They don't know what they use in their fryer I imagine GMO canola oil. They cook with olive oil on the grill. They have gluten free bread made at the Zen Center.  Milk is from Clover organic. Eggs are organic. Corn tortillas are organic. Cheese they are not sure if it is organic or not, the sour cream is not organic, and the ice cream is not organic. To avoid eating GMOs here: avoid pork, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, milkshakes, anything fried. 

True North - San Anselmo, CA - Someone recently told us this place has some non gmo options and also gluten free pizza. They serve Mary's Chicken. Not sure about many of their ingredients, they don't have a website, but will update once we have a chance to go in there. 

Cafe Del Soul - Mill Valley & San Rafael, CA -All produce, grains, nuts, tofu and edamame, corn chips, house made snacks, yogurts, and milks, agave, teas are all organic. Their meat and cheese is "free range" and not organic (eats GMO commercial feed) but is rBst free  Oil, berries in smoothies are not organic.They are currently looking into switching out their GMO oils in the next month or so, stay tuned. Avoid: meat, cheese, and oils if you want to avoid GMOs here. 

Murray Circle / Cavallo Point Restaurant - Sausalito- They serve a lot of organic and local food, but do serve some GMOs as well.  They use rice bran oil in the fryer, they use Clover and Strauss dairy, most beef is from Marin Sun Farms or Lucky Dog ranch, quinoa is organic, the chef does most of the organic produce shopping directly from Farmers markets and local farms. Update: They are now serving "all natural" 38 North chicken and Petaluma Chicken, both are using GMO feed for the chickens. Avoid: Chicken, Corn and Soy at this restaurant to avoid GMOs. 

Plate Shop - Sausalito - There are a lot of good organic things happening at this restaurant.  They use Marin Sun Farms grass fed beef last I checked.  I had a friendly intial conversation with the manager who said they are very committed to organics.  He said their chicken was organic (from 38 degrees North) but when I researched it with the distributor I was told the chickens ate commerical feed (GMO) and are not organic.  I emailed the chef and manager numerous times, I think like five times.  They won't respond to my emails now though and I also called as well.  I am sure you can get a non GMO meal here, I wish I could give more specifics.  Avoid the chicken here if you want to avoid GMOs. 

Wheezy's Grass Fed Shed - this is a small shed cafe in Terra Linda that serves Prather Ranch grass fed burgers. Very small menu.  They fry their french fries in non gmo rice bran oil. I have not been able to contact them regarding other ingredients, so ask if you go. They don't appear to have a website either, but if you want a grass fed burger, this is the place to go. 

Vin Antico - San Rafael, CA - They do not use vegetable oil or cooking spray. At any given time, about 25% to 50% of their ingredients are organic. They use non organic possibly GMO canola oil to clean the grill only. They do not use any soy products. Their sugar is not organic. Honey is from Marshall Farms.  They use Clover Organic Milk but use regular Clover eggs which are fed GMOs. They get some of their meats from Mindful Meats of Marin which is organic and non gmo verified. Some of their meat is from Devils Gluch which I am not sure what their policy on GMOs is, I emailed them. They also use meat from Fallon Hills, I confirmed they do not use any GMO feed and are grass fed. Their chicken is not organic and is from Mary's Chicken.  Mary's has been going through a process of getting their non organic chicken to be fed non gmo feed, not sure if this is complete or not yet, looking into it. To Avoid GMOs here, avoid: Anything with sugar in it, chicken, eggs.  Please note only 25% to 50% of their produce is organic. 

Meal Services Bay Area

Three stone hearth is a wonderful meal service that follows the Weston Price Foundation food principles.  They use a lot of organic and pasture raised meats, however they do use Marin Sun Farm and Soulfood chickens and Marin Sun Farms Pork which do eat GMO commercial feed. Stick with the beef products if you want to avoid GMOs here and avoid chicken and pork products. 

These Marin County restaurants are using GMO suspected ingredients and are the MOST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants are on this list because they claim to be using at least some organic and/or local food and may also be on the Marin Organic or OM Organics website.  Some restaurants on Marin Organic or OM Organics are 5% organic and some are 95% organic, there is no way to know unless restaurants are willing to share with customers what is and what isn't organic or GMO.  I feel frustrated by some of these restaurants on this list, because many of them refused to tell me what was organic and what was not, even though they are using that in their advertising. If a restaurant is using words like "local, organic, farm to table, all natural, free range" in their advertising, then I think they should be willing to back that up when customers ask with clear accurate information, after all that is why many of those customers are coming to that restaurant. Many of these restaurants will not share this info which is why they are on this list and why I refuse to eat at any of them anymore. Please email these restaurants if you want them to be up front about what GMO ingredients they are using. 

Please keep in mind as well that some sodas and drinks may contain GMOs in addition to the other ingredients I have mentioned. 

Heirloom Grill - Terra Linda/ San Rafael - I stopped in this restaurant in person to speak with the manager about what is organic and what is not. They use sustainable and local and organic in their advertising, but their menu does not say what is organic and what is not.  The manager did not know any specifics about anything and I did send them an email asking specifics.  I suspect there may be some greenwashing going on here, but we will report back if I get anymore specifics. 

Bio French Creperie - Sausalito - Their website says they are all organic, but when I called and spoke to the owner she said the meat was "all natural" but not organic, and didn't seem to understand there was a difference between the two.  I told her that all natural meat is fed GMO feed, and sent her a list of questions twice and did not get a response back.  I am suspcious as their website says it is all organic but doesn't sound like it really is and I can't seem to get the info out of them.  

Best Lil Porkhouse - Corte Madrea and San Rafael - I stopped in person to the San Rafael location and asked the employee about where the pork is sourced from.  The employee did not know but said they did not think it was certified organic, even though there is a sign out front that says all organic.  Their Corte Madera store also has a huge sign on the side of the building that all the meat is organic, but when you go on the website, none of the farms they say they are using are organic.  They use Mary's Free range line, not the organic line, and they also use Snake River Farms which is not organic and uses GMO feed, they also use Painted Hill natural line it says on their website, but Painted Hills natural line is not grass fed or organic.  Painted Hill does have a grass fed line, but it says on their site that is not the one they are using.  I called and told them they should not be advetising that they are organic when they are not.  I also sent an email with a list of questions on other ingredients, so will post if I hear back, but so far, this place is not looking at all organic to me, even though they are using that for their advertising. 

Super Duper Burger - Mill Valley, CA - They use GMO fed Niman Ranch meat. They do use rice bran oil, instead of gmo canola oil in the fryer last I checked, and they use Strass Organic dairy for their milkshakes, but not sure about the sugar. Their chicken is almost certaintly GMO fed as well since it is "all natural" and not organic.  Click here ot see our blog post on Super Duper Burger. 

CIBO - Sausalito, CA - CIBO admits to using some possible suspect GMO ingredients. They also use a lot of organic and local food as well.  They would not disclose to me exactly which ingredients might be GMO so no way of knowing.  I used to eat here a lot, but when they refused to tell me what was GMO and what was organic, this made me suspicious and haven't gone there since.  

Counter - Corte Madera -CA They use non organic canola and soy oils and admit to those products containing GMOs. Their meat is not organic so most certainly eating GMO feed, and only the mixed greens are actually organic. 

Chipotle - San Rafael, CA  They are in the process of removing their GMO oils, and most Western US locations have already done so.  Some of their beans are organic and cilantro.  Meat is GMO fed. I am still researching this, but I think it is still pretty hard to get a non GMO meal at Chipotle but this is changing as I know they are working on this issue.  

Angelenos - Sausalito, CA - Use suspect non organic oils, veggies and non organic dairy and meat. 

Marinitas - San Anselmo- They use (GMO suspected non organic Canola oil) for frying. They said their corn is organic and they use local dairy Clover Stornetta for dairy. Last I heard none of their meat is organic.  Avoid: all meat, and tortilla chips, cheese, anything fried. 

Harmony Restaurant - Mill Valley - They use GMO suspect non organic corn oil to cook most food in.  They do have an organic grapeseed oil alternative, if you go there, make sure you let them know you don’t want GMOs in your food and to use the grapeseed oil. I don't think their meat is organic. 

Picco Restaurant and Pizza - They admit to using some of the GMO suspect ingredients that are not organic.  They refused to disclose what specific ingredients those are and what is organic and what is not. 

The Tavern at Lark Creek - They admit to using some of the GMO suspect ingredients that are not organic. They refused to disclose what specific ingredients those are. 

Solfood Restaurant - San Rafael - They use GMO suspect oils, beef, chicken and pork are not organic or pasture which means they are eating GMO feed.  Eggs are organic. Dairy is organic from Clover Organic. Sugar is not organic and most likely to be GMO. 

Sea Thai Bistro - Corte Madera, CA - They use GMO suspect non organic soy oil to cook most food in, say they use organic whenever possible, but when I called, they said only the salad greens are organic.  This is greenwashing in my opinion. They are using the phrase "organic whenever possible", and only have one thing? In the bay area, it was only possible for you to get salad greens?  Come on. 

Station House Cafe- Point Reyes - They said they are using some of the GMO suspected non organic ingredients and would not disclose any specifics about what was organic and what is not.