Organic Non GMO Restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio

Town Hall Non GMO Restaurant- Cleveland, Ohio  This looks like a great non gmo option in Cleveland Ohio, they are planning to get non gmo project certified which is quite amazing. They are seriously committed to non GMO food.  Lots of organic options and vegan and meat options as well.  More details: Cooking and frying oil is non GMO soy oil, tofu is organic from Cleveland Tofu, use Tamari and coconut aminos, both of which are non gmo, use only non gmo cane sugar, agave, and organic honey and stevia, tortillas are organic, eggs are organic, Chicken is non gmo verified Mary's Chicken, Beef is organic from Blackwing, Lamb is from Pilot brands in New Zealand and non GMO fed, salmon is from Faroe Island and it not fed gmos, shrimp is wild caught, all dairy is organic, they use organic prarie and horizon, organic cheese is from Organic Kingdom, and Organic Prarie, their vegetables are sourced from farms all over the country.  Anything that contains a GMO risk is purchased organic.  In addition, dirty dozen items are organic.  This includes apples, kale, squash, strawberries, spinach, swiss chard.  In an effort to keep their menu prices down, they do not purchase all of their produce organic.  If there is no GMO risk and the crop is not on the dirty dozen list, they do no buy organic.  100% organic produce would force them to raise their menu prices on their guests, which is something we they not wish to do.

Organic Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

These Columbus, Ohio restaurants are serving some GMO food as well as have some non GMO options. 

Northstar Cafe- Various Locations, Columbus, Ohio

I would like to start by saying that this is my favorite restaurant to eat at in Columbus, the food is truly outstanding, and I often eat here three times a day when in town.  The cafe designs are all beautiful inside and they have three locations around the city. If you want the cleanest food in town, I think this is the place to go, and the only place that I found that serves some clean organic food, and it happens to be so delicious. They have a variety of clean healthy food and can accomodate both vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, and meat eaters. This restaurant is doing a lot of things right and I wish they were a national chain with more locations around the country. I find myself actually missing this restaurant when I leave town. 

The owners wrote me a long email and were very open about all their sources which I really appreciate.  They are clearly very passionate about serving healthy organic food and are sincerely trying to do the right thing and move towards being as organic as possible.  This is not easy for restaurants as organics cost so much more, and customers can be very price sensitive, it is a balancing act.  If you are willing to pay more for organic non GMO food, please be sure to let them know. 

On the downside, the staff at these restaurants are very misinformed about the food and what is organic or not, what is gluten free, etc.  The owners are well aware of this issue and trying hard to correct it. I was given misinformation from the staff every single time I asked and asked different people in the same visit and got different answers.  The staff will also tell you all the meat is certified organic, this is not true. I asked about five staff members about the meat, and each one said it was organic when it is not.  They also told me it is 100% grass fed and it is not.  They use red meat from Niman Ranch which is not 100% grass fed/pasture or organic, and does use GMO commercial feed freely for their animals. Their menu is also very unclear, their breakfast menu says organic eggs in some places and not in others.  It is very confusing what is organic and what is not, as well as what is gluten free and no one really seems to know the answers when asked. I asked many employees about the chicken and was told it was organic about five times, when in fact it is not certified organic.  (The eggs are organic though) 

They said that in general between 65-70% of the food is certified organic. However, their stock and sources regularly rotates, and some of what they get is not organic and could contain GMOs.  

They do NOT use any soy, or canola oil ever. Yay! They fry in 100% peanut oil. They use olive oil for dressings and cooking as well as 100% butter for baking. (not organic) They use three different kinds of sugar in the baked goods. The brown sugar and the raw sugar are from cane sugar (non GMO) but they do also use some commercial white sugar which is most likely GMO from sugar beets. They do use organic sugar in all the beverages. 

The following are ALWAYS certified organic:  Tofu, Eggs, (eggs are local too)  Sugar in the beverages, Soy Sauce, Soy Milk

The meatloaf at the Shortnorth location is 100% grass fed beef from Sweetmeadow in Zanesville.  Bacon is from Wellshire Farms and is not organic, and is fed GMOs.  Ham/prosciutto is from de Parma from Italy, they said no GMOs, no hormones, no synthetic preservatives. 

Burrito wraps are GMO free, all rice, beans, and flour are organic. The sandwich buns are not organic but don't contain any GMO oils. 

Their main meats come from Niman Ranch, (uses GMO Feed) Bell & Evans (uses GMO feed). Their dairy and eggs come from Organic Valley most of the time and are almost always organic. 

I do wish that they labeled on their menu what is organic and what is not.  If you can't train your staff to know, then at least make the menu clear and accurate so consumers know what they are getting and don't have to worry about staff giving the wrong info.  I also wished that they would label what is gluten free, given the lack of knowledge of the staff, it is very easy to get the wrong info here and if you are gluten free for health reasons, this could potentially be a huge issue. This seems like a simple solution to have someone manage the accuracy of the menu and putting all this important information on the menu rather than relying on the staff to know all the information for each restaurant. I realize it may be difficult if they are constantly changing sources, but in this day and age when there are so many GMOs, it would be nice if they could get those important items to be organic and put the info on the menu. 

If you want to avoid GMOs at this restaurant Avoid: Niman Ranch beef, Bacon and Sausage, Chicken, (all GMO fed) Yogurt, Corn Chips, Baked Goods (because of non organic GMO sugar) Some of the cheese may have been fed GMO feed as well. The rest of the food looks pretty GMO free. 

Organic Restaurants in Canton, Ohio

Raisin Rack, Canton Ohio

This is a fanatisic large organic health food grocery store and smoothie bar in Canton, Ohio, the only place I was able to find great organic food.  They have a salad bar and hot soups.  All their produce is certified organic in the grocery store, all produce on salad bar is organic, but the rest of the prepared items on salad bar are not. Most things at the smoothie bar are organic.