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San Francisco Restaurants

These San Francisco Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Verbena - San Francisco - California artisan cuisine. From the same owners who brought you Gather in the East Bay.  They are very committed to organics and non GMO and locally sourced ingredients. I haven't been here yet, but looking forward to it, Gather is one of my favorite restaurants so I am sure this one will be great. 

Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher - San Francisco - This place has their own ranch where they raise all their own animals for meat. This is the best organic non gmo humanly raised meat you can get. They raise all the beef, pork, chicken, fowl all on property near Mt. Shasta and all of it is certified organic. They also created their own processing plant that is done in Temple Grandin's method to make it the most humane process possible. Most of the ingredients in the restaurant are organic as well down to the their own homemade organic ketchup. They are mindful of GMO ingredients and said they do avoid them. 

Trou Normand - San Francisco - Northern French Cuisine, onsite whole animal Butchery as well. Pork, duck, and chicken are all organic. Pork is from the amazing Riverdog Farms. They use Straus certified organic and non gmo verified dairiy, best dairy in the area in my opinion. All cooking oil is non gmo and they use organic olive oil from California. Produce is mostly organic and local, the Chef shops at the Farmers Market and also gets produce from farms such as Full Belly Farms, Riverdog, Dirt Girl, County Line Organic, Little Organic Farm, Blossom Bluff. Meat is sourced from Riverdog (chicken and pork), Csarda Haz Mangalitza (Pork), Libery Organic Duck (duck), Devils Gulch (rabbit and lamb), Stemple Creek (beef and veal). 

The Plant Cafe - VariousLocations - San Francisco Pier 3 Embarcadero - Downtown The Marina - Burlingame- and my favorite SFO airport Terminal 2! Plant does not use any suspect GMO ingredients and almost everything is organic, if it is not, it is listed on the menu. (Their gluten free bread and goat cheese is not organic) They have 5 different locations around San Francisco.  They have a juice bar and smoothies. This place is awesome, love it. They do not serve red meat, but do serve organic chicken, duck, and wild fish.  And their veggie burger is one of the best, but it is not gluten free.  Plant, please make a gluten free veggie burger one of these days! 

NOPA - They have an extensive list of purveyors on their website and they look really clean to me. They use organic and local produce and meat. They use Prather Ranch grass fed beef. Make a reservation, this place can be hard to get into. Sometimes there will not be a reservation open for weeks at a time.  I did talk with the manager recently and they visit all their farms and are very committed to local ingredients.  I will try to update more specifics soon, but in the meantime ask about specifics.  When I was there, they had certified organic chicken and almost everything else was organic too. 

Nopalito - two San Francisco Locations -Fantastic Mexican restaurant owned by the same people who brought you NOPA, see above. They are hard core committed to organics and local. 

Bar Jules - San Francisco - All of their ingredients are organic and they do not use any suspected GMO ingredients. 

Gracias Madre -  Everything is organic and non gmo. 

Judahlicious - Everything here is organic except nonfat frozen yogurt and pineapple sherbet used in the dairy smoothies. Vegetarian, primarily vegan and raw, and free of gmos. 

Radius - San Francisco - This restaurant focuses on using only locally grown food within 100 miles and does not use any highly suspect GMO ingredients.  They have all their farmers on their website, love this! Update 12/10/12:  Please ask about which meat is organic, I see they are serving some meat now that may be fed GMOs.  Please ask about chicken, duck and pork.  They serve Marin Sun Farms beef which is 100% grass fed. Just because it is local doesn't mean it is GMO free. 

Organic Non GMO Meal Delivery Services Bay Area

Easy Peasy Paleo - The owner is very knowledgable about food and doesn't use any GMO ingredients or GMO fed meat. Produce and meat is all organic and/ or 100% pasture/ grass fed. 

Nutrition To You - Customized organic meals delivered to your door once or twice a week.  The owner uses all organic produce and meat. 

Good Eggs - Amazing local farm to table free delivery service.  They have lots of great produce and prepared meal options as well as dairy and meat as well. Everything is local, but you need to be careful when ordering as there is a lot of organic items, but they also carry GMO items as well. Be sure to seek out the certified organic options.  The produce is always extremely fresh and lasts along time and is straight from the farmers. It's like having the farmers market delivered to your door!  Avoid: in prepared food section, avoid anything that is not organic, they have quite a bit of GMO fed meat and dairy, but there are enough organic options to make this a great service. Ask the vendors about GMO ingredients. 

These San Francisco restaurants might be serving some GMO ingredients, but most ingredients are not GMO. 

Bar Agricole - San Francisco - Beautifully designed restaurant. No GMO oils, they use Olive oil from Pacific Sun Olive Oil. Milk and cream is from Strauss organic and non GMO dairy, butter is from Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. Most of the food is organic. They source their meat from the following places. Beef from Snake River Farms (which last time I checked may have been using GMO feed), Pork from Rancho Llano Seco (Non GMO), Chicken from 38 North (GMO Fed), Rabbit and Quail from Devils Gulch, Lamb from Don Watson.  To Avoid GMOs here, avoid the Chicken and the Beef. 

Roam Burgers - Two locations - Fillmore and Union Street- 100% grass fed burgers.  Beef is from Pacific Pastures which is 100% pasture raised and grass fed. Dairy for milkshake is organic and from Strauss which is non GMO certified, they use Rice Bran oil in their fryers. Cheese is not organic. They use agave sweetner. Homemade veggie burgers are organic and gluten free and vegan. Vegetables are locally grown. Their eggs say organic on menu, but I would confirm which farm they get them from.  Their turkey is from Diestel which is raised on GMO feed. The bison also says grain fed and it's not organic so most likely fed GMOs. Bacon is from Applewood farms which has both GMO fed and organic meat, so assume they have the non oganic one.  Avoid: Turkey, Bacon, Bison, Cheese to avoid GMOs here. 

These San Francisco restaurants are using GMO suspected ingredients and are the MOST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants are on this list because they claim to be using at least some organic and/or local food and may also be on the Marin Organic or OM Organics website. Some restaurants on Marin Organic or OM Organics are 5% organic and some are 95% organic, there is no way to know unless restaurants are willing to share with customers what is and what isn't organic or GMO.  I feel frustrated by some of these restaurants on this list, because many of them refused to tell me what was organic and what was not, even though they are using that in their advertising. If a restaurant is using words like "local, organic, farm to table, all natural, free range" in their advertising, then I think they should be willing to back that up when customers ask with clear accurate information, afterall that is why many of those customers are coming to that restaurant. Many of these restaurants will not share this info which is why they are on this list and why I refuse to eat at any of them anymore. Please email these restaurants if you want them to be up front about what GMO ingredients they are using. 

Please keep in mind as well that some sodas and drinks may contain GMOs in addition to the other ingredients I have mentioned. 

Greens Restaurant - San Francisco - Admits that they do use some of the suspected GMO ingredients.  They refused to disclose what specific ingredients those are. 

Super Duper Burger - Various locations around San Francisco, CA - They use GMO fed Niman Ranch meat. They do use rice bran oil, instead of gmo canola oil in the fryer last I checked, and they use Strass Organic dairy for their milkshakes, but not sure about the sugar. Their chicken is almost certaintly GMO fed as well since it is "all natural" and not organic.  Click here ot see our blog post on Super Duper Burger.