Santa Barbara

Surprisingly, Santa Barbara does not have a lot of good options for organic and non GMO food.  The cleanest options I found are Alchemy Wellness Center Cafe and Adama Vegan Comfort Food, see listing below, both are vegetarian restaurants, and Adama is Vegan. 

These Santa Barbara Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Mesa Verde Restaurant - All organic, cook in grapeseed oil and olive oil. Vegan. 

Ah Juice - 100% organic juice and cafe. 

Savoy Cafe - They have some organic options, be sure to ask for clarification on what is organic and what is not. They use organic eggs, grains, oil, use wild salmon. 

Farmer and the Cook - In Ojai California (not in Santa Barbara, but not far) - This is a great organic grocery market and cafe, amazing all organic food and gluten free pizza too! 

Alchemy Arts Center and Cafe

I recently discovered this beautiful vegetarian cafe and center while passing through Santa Barbara.  It has now become my favorite place to eat in Santa Barbara.  They have a healing arts center and spa as well as a cafe.  This place has the best energy, I find myself not wanting to leave every time I go there. The vegetarian cafe is beautifully designed in a Moroccan style.  It is clean and simple, yet very luxurious at the same time.  The food is simple, delicious, and wholesome. You will leave here feeling good. The drink menu is extensive with refreshing and very creative options including fresh juice. I highly recommend the Alchemy cooler which is pineapple and coconut with basil. The food/ produce is about 75-80% organic depending on the season, they are always working towards 100% organic. They are aware of GMOs and actively try to avoid them. They use 100% olive oil, NO canola or veggie oils, no corn products or soy other than Tamari sauce which is only served on request on the side.   Their sugar is organic, they also use coconut crystals (my favorite sweetener), organic agave, organic maple syrup, dates or local raw honey. Things that are not organic that could potentially have GMOs are papayas, goat yogurt, and parmesan which are not certified organic. The eggs are not certified organic, but they said they are local and are not fed any GMO grains. They may try to source these things organically, if they do, I will update it here. 

These Santa Barbara restaurants are using GMO suspected ingredients and are the MOST likely to be serving some GMOs.

The natural cafe in Santa Barbara does not use many organic ingredients at all and does use highly suspect GMO ingredients.  Their meat is “natural” which basically means can eat GMOs freely.  Don’t be fooled by restaurants using the word “natural” in their advertising.  That used to mean something before the 1990’s when GMOs were not in production, but now all these “natural cafes” serve all kinds of unnatural GMOs.  When I asked them, they said they do not advertise themselves as organic and do not focus on that.