South Bay San Francisco

Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher -Palo Alto - This place has their own ranch where they raise all their own animals for meat. This is the best organic non gmo humanly raised meat you can get. They raise all the beef, pork, chicken, fowl all on property near Mt. Shasta and all of it is certified organic. They also created their own processing plant that is done in Temple Grandin's method to make it the most humane process possible. Most of the ingredients in the restaurant are organic as well down to the their own homemade organic ketchup. They are mindful of GMO ingredients and said they do avoid them. 

Aly's on Main - Redwood City - South Bay San Francisco- This is a beautifully designed restaurant you should check out in the south bay of San Francisco. The owners are VERY committed to organic and non GMO food. See below for more specifics on what they use. The space is designed in an eco friendly way as well. Please support this restaurant, they are going the extra mile on everything to make sure they use the cleanest and healthiest ingredients. 

They use organic corn tortillas for the wild cod tacos.

The only oils used are: Rice bran oil to fry our organic hand cut frie, Olive oil to sauté, Extra virgin olive oil to make dressings, Organic olive oil pan spray. 

Organic tofu for our organic kale salad

Organic sugar

Organic honey

Their chicken and turkey (for the burger) comes from Coastal Range Organics

All beef and pork and lamb products come from Marin Sun Farms Green label 100% pastured and grass fed.

Eggs are all organic pastured hen eggs from Alexander Kid farms.

Dairy is from Strauss creamery and Clover Organics

Produce is purchased from: Happy Boy Organic Farms, Fifth Crow Organic Farms, and Nunez Organic Farms

Pastas are made from organic flour.

They make their ketchup from all organic ingredients.

Almost everything they use is organic about 80 to 90%, and they are not using any known GMOs. 

Local Union - Palo Alto -Looks like they are using organic and non GMO ingredients. Haven't been here yet, but looks like a great place. 
Calafia Cafe - Palo Alto - Uses mostly organic and local produce and meat.