Take Action

Here are some action steps you can take that will make a difference! 

1. Do your own letter writing or phone calling campaign.

Call or write to the restaurants on this website, or on Marin Organic or the Om Organics website that are using some organic food and tell them you want them to stop using highly suspect GMO ingredients. I found when I wrote my emails to the restaurants, that the ones not using GMOs responded fairly quickly and some of the other ones did not respond. I often had to write 3 to 5 times or call to finally get a response, so be persistent!  I created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of who I called and did not call.  It only takes about an hour to reach out to 20 restaurants, and then your work is done and you know which restaurants to support. (Remember to send us your results!) 

Here are sample letters you can copy and paste. 

- Letter for a restaurant already on the “likely to be using GMO list”

To whom it may concern, 

I am a customer of your restaurant and recently found out that you are most likely using some GMO ingredients in your food. I am writing to voice my opinion that I do not want to ingest GMOs when I come to your restaurant. Will you please consider changing out your possible GMO ingredients to organic or non produced GMO ingredients? An example of this would be to stop using canola or soy oil and switch to rice bran oil, grape seed, or olive oil.   I am committed to supporting local and organic farming and I am also committed to only eating at restaurants that do not serve GMOs. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to your response. 


- Letter for a restaurant that is not on the list, but may already be using some organic/local food, but want to confirm if they are using GMOs. 

To whom it may concern,

I am interested in coming to your restaurant and would like to know if you are using any GMO ingredients. If you do not know the answer to this, if you answer the questions below, this will help determine if you are or not. 

Can you please let me know if you are using any of the following ingredients that are not certified organic, and if so, specifically which ones?  

Corn Products (tortillas, corn flour, corn, or corn oil) 

Vegetable Oil

Canola Oil

Soy Products (Soy Sauce, Tofu, Soy Oil) 

Zucchini or Crookneck Squash




Eggs, dairy, poultry, or Beef that comes from a farm where the animals are fed GMO feed. 

Thank you and I look forward to your response. 


- Let’s not forget to thank those restaurants that have eliminated GMO suspect ingredients. 

To whom it may concern, 

I am a customer at your restaurant and I recently found out that your restaurant does not use any of the highly suspect GMO ingredients.  I want to thank you for taking this big step for supporting local and organic farmers, and for caring about your customers health enough to not feed them GMOs. I want you to know how much this means to me as a customer and that I am a loyal customer because of this.  

Thank you. 


2. Start your own GMO Free Organic Restaurant guide in your own city. Tumblr is a quick and easy way to blog about your results. Feel free to copy and use any info on this blog on your own site. Be sure to send us a link so we can link to your site. 

3. Vote with your money. Only go to restaurants that do not serve their customers GMOs (and let them know you are doing that). Only buy organic and buy at local farmers markets and local health food stores such as The Good Earth, and Rainbow.  (Whole foods admits they carry a lot of food with GMOs and say that GMOs can coexist along side of organics)  

If you do go to restaurants that serve GMOs, ask them to make you a GMO free meal and leave out the highly suspect GMO ingredients. 

4. Sign up and become part of the Tipping Point. 

“Stopping GMOs is simply a numbers game. When enough shoppers stop buying GMO brands, the food industry will kick out all genetically modified (GM) ingredients. This happened in Europe, and it’s happening in the US with GM bovine growth hormone (rbGH).

“We need about 5% of US shoppers-15 million people or 5.6 million households-to choose healthier non-GMO brands in order to generate a non-GMO tipping point.

“It’s just a matter of reaching enough people. That’s what our educational tools and talking points are designed to do.”

~ Jeffrey M. Smith

5. Stay Informed

Like some of the following links on Facebook

Facebook- Non GMO Project

Facebook - No GMOs

Facebook - Institute of Responsible Technology

Facebook - Organic Consumers Association

6. Be aware of the 2012 Ballot initiative to label GMOs in California

7. Please help us build this list!  Email us at nongmoorganicrestaurants@gmail.com if you want to suggest a restaurant to be on this list and please email us the results of your letter or phone calls so we can continue to update our list.