West Sonoma/ Santa Rosa

These West Sonoma County & Santa Rosa Restaurants are the LEAST likely to be serving GMOs.

These restaurants have said that they do not use any of the suspect GMO oils or ingredients and are using most if not all certified organic and/or local food.  This does not mean that these restaurants are 100% GMO Free. It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. Restaurant Ingredients change ALL the time, don't take our word for it, ask questions yourself to confirm if items below are still organic and non gmo and take our GMO ingredient list with you to know what to ask. Please email us if you get different info than what is listed here.  Please be mindful with condiments and drinks at these restaurants, most of the research I have done is around food ingredients.  Thank you to these restaurants for being so fully committed to health, organics, and supporting local farmers! 

Backyard Restaurant - Forestville - Organic and Non GMO restaurant in Sonoma county near Sebastopol. All locally sourced ingredients. They are very concerned with ethical treatment of animals as well. They get their eggs from Green String Farm, they use coconut, olive, and rice bran oil (no vegetable oil, no cooking spray and no canola), They use organic tempeh and tofu, evapaorated cane sugar, organic honey, chicken from Green Star Farms, Beef comes from Mindful Meats, Marin Sun Farms, and Stemple Creek, all are GMO free on feed. Dairy is from Clover Organics and Strauss Organic. All organic produce. This place is the real deal! 

Peter Lowell’s - Sebastopol - Italian inspired California Cuisine in West Marin. They use Non-gmo canola oil and olive oil from a local producer. All eggs are organic and most are from small local producers. All dairy is Clover and Strauss and certified organic. Sugar is unrefined organic cane sugar. All produce is 100% organic and local. All flour is organic. They use local free range farm raised meat, some of their meat may eat GMOs, so be sure to always ask before ordering. The bacon is defintely fed commerical GMOs (from Zoe's meats) So avoid the bacon when going here to avoid GMOs, and be sure to ask about the meat before ordering. 

WoodFour Brewery at the Barlow in Sebastopol - Awesome restaurant and brewery with delicious food. They have an outdoor patio and indoor dining room and bar. 

They use rice bran oil in the fryer. They use Tiger EVOO 100% Olive oil for all cooking and dressings. They get their pork from Walnut Keep Pigs which are pastured raised, humanely raised and no GMO feed, they actually eat walnuts. They use Oakridge Angus Beef which is grass fed and Non GMO grain finished. They use organic Giaum eggs. They currently use Petaluma Poultry chicken which is not organic, but is non gmo verified. Seafood is from 2 by Sea who are the leading responsible, sustainable seafood purveyors on the west coast. They use mostly organic and local produce such as Red H Farm, Singing Frogs Farm, and Paul's Produce to name a few. Dairy is from Tomales Bay and Straus Dairy. Straus is organic and non GMO certified. The sugar is cane sugar which is Non GMO as cane sugar is not in GMO prodcuction yet. The milk, cream, are not currently organic, but this may change soon. Avoid: Milk, Cream to avoid GMOs here. 

Handline - Sebastopol -Local California seafood restaurant brought to you by the same owners at Peter Lowells in Sebastopol. They use a lot of organic and local produce. They make their own corn tortillas, not sure if they are organic, I hope so. Ask about meat before ordering as well. Will try to get more info and post soon. 

Amy's Drive Thru - Rohnert Park, CA - No GMOs! Organic vegetables, beans, grains, and dairy. Gluten and vegan options available. 

Seed to Leaf Restaurant - Santa Rosa - Fresh organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, wellness shots and organic vegetarian and raw vegan food. Lots of gluten free options as well. 

Vignette Pizzeria - At the Barlow in Sebastopol - Artisan Pizza and salad place. The owner is carefully about sourcing ingredients and doesn't use any GMO oils. The dough is sourdough, no yeast, and he uses the older wheat varities from Italy. Fantastic pizza. Uses local organic produce. Not sure if the peperoni is non GMO or not. 

The Pharmacy Restaurant - Santa Rosa - Organic Cafe that just opened in Santa Rosa. Looks like they are very clean and organic and non GMO, but they just opened so still trying to get more info. They use the Revolution Artisan Bread that used anciet grain wheat varities which is great. 

These Sonoma/ Napa County Restaurants might be serving some GMO suspected ingredients, but you may still be able to get a non gmo meal here. 

Ramen Gaijin - Sebastopol - Very unique Japanese restaurant in Sebastopol. Food is delicious, and they are well known for their creative craft cocktails as well. They use a lot of local and organic produce and eggs. They do use commercial soy sauce that is most likely GMO. You can request things to be gluten free though which usually means omitting the GMO soy sauce. All the pork is marinated in the soy sauce, so you have to avoid that. Some of the eggs are soaked in the commercial soy sauce as well. They cook in peanut oil (which is non gmo as it is not in production) Their chicken comes from Petaluma Poultry which is supposed to be all Non GMO verified. Pork comes from Oregeon, but I did not confirm if it is Non GMO as all the pork is marinated in the commercial soy sauce anyway. To avoid GMOs here: Always order gluten free as this will often eliminate the GMO soy sauce, there are a few dishes you can get that most likely do not contain GMOs. See below for list. 

Here are the Ramen items you can order without the commercial soy sauce. 
Shoyu Ramen - with no pork belly, can add organic tofu or chicken and GF non marinated egg. 
Spicy Tan Tan Ramen - No pork belly or ground pork, add organic tofu or chicken and GF non marinated egg. 
Shitake Miso Ramen - with GF non marinated egg and or can add chicken. 
The Kara-Age (Fried Chicken) The fried chicken that they add to Ramen is Gluten Free (fried in rice flower). You can also just get an order of this on the side as well. 
There are other side dishes and such too that are GF and do not contain the commercial GMO soy sauce. Always confirm though when ordering and be sure to voice your opinion if you want them to use a Non GMO soy sauce instead. 

Zazu - Farm to Table restaurant - Uses a lot of local organic produce, they have their own farm and support other local farmers as well. They use dairy from Clover, Strauss, Redwood Hill and others. They use Rice Bran oil in the fryer, and a non gmo olive and canola oil blend for salads. The meat is unfortunately GMO fed as well as the eggs. The sugar is GMO as well, avoid the sugar, meat, and eggs here to avoid GMOs. 

Fork Roadhouse - An adorable cafe and restaurant, they use a lot of local produce and use organic eggs, but the meat is not organic or non GMO. The bacon is GMO fed, not sure about oils and such. Chicken is not organic.